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What I'm Reading: "Why We All Need to Recharge and Recover Like Pro Athletes."

Clients and friends alike have heard me jump on my soapbox about the value of sleep, and I'm certainly not alone. We have ample research highlighting the benefits and necessity of sleep and plenty of research-backed strategies for how to improve it. And yet, getting enough good quality sleep remains a challenge for so many of us.

Part of that is because sleep, and the habits required to support it, are just not fun or exciting. For many of us it feels like a chore and it cuts into our precious Netflix and social time (live or virtual). Let's face it, self-care doesn't always feel like pampering ourselves.

Furthermore this shift in society to valuing sleep and self-care is relatively new. It's hard to give up our well-grooved ideas that high achievers get there by burning the candle at both ends; or even just that our bodies can get by just fine on 6 hours or less.

Thrive Global is working avidly to change that perception of sleep. They have a wealth of great articles and strategies on improving sleep. I love that their recent post-Super Bowl article strikes the comparison to pro athletes. There is no argument that these are high performers, and that they harness the benefits of sleep to remain at the top of their game. Finally, sleep is glorified as it deserves.

Whether or not you want to be an accomplished athlete, I'm guessing you'd like your cognitive abilities to remain sharp, your immune system to remain strong, and to be resilient in response to life's innumerable stressors. So take a cue from the pros and prioritize your sleep.

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