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How do you wish you ate? How do you wish you felt during and after meals? 

New habits can be built, but they take time. That’s why I’m offering you the chance to develop your healthy eating practice and redefine your relationship with food. 

Eat as your best self and see how easy it is to feel healthy and nourished by your food. 

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As the new year approaches we're bombarded with ads for diets, quick fixes, and unfair expectations. Year after year our resolutions are abandoned, or worse, they lead to frustration and disappointment.

It’s time for a Nutrition Reboot. 

In this free introductory program we’ll break down 4 key tenets of healthy eating. We’ll explore how to make adjustments to support your individual needs and unique life challenges. Once you’ve got the basics we’ll work together to set manageable goals and trouble-shoot potential obstacles. With regular check-ins you’ll have the support you need to start the year off right, and understand how to build healthy new habits that stick.

The best part is, this workshops series is completely virtual! No matter where you are or what your schedule, you can fit this in.

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Beyond what you eat, how you eat is extremely important for improving your health, physique and relationship with food. You probably already know that it helps to slow down, savor your food and stop when you're 80% full. But there is often a gap between knowing what to do and consistently doing it. If you're struggling to apply these habits at meal time you're not alone- and this workshop is for you!

In this workshop you'll practice the more elusive skills of how to eat. You'll build awareness of your appetite and hunger (and how they differ), as well as other unconscious habits you have while eating. You'll practice the mindset and habits that help you to slow down, enjoy your food and feel satisfied (not stuffed!)- no matter what you're eating. 

The best part- you can attend these workshops for free, from the comfort of your own home!

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Plant-based eating has become more and more popular and for good reason. Longer life expectancy, reduced risk of chronic diseases and supporting sustainable environmental practices are just a few of the benefits of plant-based eating. (Even if you still include animal protein!)

But how can you ensure you're getting adequate nutrients? What portions will support your fitness as well as your health goals? Whether you're a current or aspiring vegan or vegetarian, or a conscientious omnivore, Leia will show you how to harness the benefits while avoiding the pitfalls of plant-based meals. 

In this interactive workshop we'll explore how to meet your nutrition and lifestyle needs then practice identifying, ordering, and enjoying a balanced, nutrient-dense vegan meal. See how delicious and easy eating plant-based can be! 



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Cooking at home is a good way to ensure you’re eating healthy- but life doesn’t always allow for that. 

Whether it’s a busy work schedule, family demands, an active social life, or all three, you often find yourself in front of a menu. This doesn’t have to derail your healthy eating. In this workshop you’ll learn how to build healthy meals with ease and confidence. We’ll simplify Seamless and take the stress out of date night, brunch with the girls, and traveling for work. 

This workshop is interactive and includes healthy snacks. You’ll leave with healthy meal options for restaurants near your home and work as well strategies for staying on track when your motivation dips. 

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