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"I've known Leia for some time, though it was years before I began working with her and I'm so thankful I did! Leia has many of the ideal qualities you'd find in any great coach: empathetic, smart, a good problem solver - but she also brings something unique to the table. She has the admirable quality of sharing honest feedback with you, while building up your confidence and self-esteem at the same time.

This has been vital to my personal success, and I heartily recommend her to anyone for training, nutrition coaching, and overall work on your fitness and wellness. She's knowledgeable, empathetic, creative, and trustworthy. Everything you'd want in someone who is responsible for your most valuable asset: the only body you'll ever have."

Darlene McCollough

"I came to Leia a few years ago, after wrestling with food issues for a long time. As a former athlete that was forced to maintain a certain weight, I developed a problem with binge eating and stress-related food choices. In addition to her incredible skill and vast knowledge, it was her attentiveness and genuine care for my well-being that made a huge difference in my progress. She has always been helpful and enthusiastic; prepared to answer any question or hear any concern I’ve ever had. She creates a safe environment for me to speak about my personal issues and insecurities about my diet, without making me feel like I’m being judged or living in a fantasy world. My goals suddenly felt more attainable and realistic when I put my trust in her hands. As a result, I’ve made the most progress with my diet and food choices that I’ve ever made in my adult life.
As a personal trainer, I have an appreciation for Leia’s coaching and teaching abilities. She has become the go-to nutritional and habit coach for my clients. They have grown to trust her as if her words were my own."

Jared Glenn

"Leia is a top notch personal trainer and coach!

I've always been very active and considered myself in relatively good shape, but working with Leia has opened my eyes and mind anew, while hardening and strengthening my body. She's smart, tough, compassionate and very safety conscious (I have a lower back condition), and I simply can't recommend her enough. I've learned a whole new way of working out that is more effective, intensive and careful, and have also learned some new ways to think about and behave relative to diet and nutrition. She's the best."

Cathy Salit, CEO, Performance of a Lifetime

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