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Then Let Them Eat Vegetables!

Skipping bread? Try vegetables instead! Flatbreads and tortillas are super easy to make with vegetables and cassava flour. I initially saw this tortilla recipe at Paleo Gluten Free Eats, and was delighted to see that it works with zucchini also.

My boyfriend does not share my intense enthusiasm for vegetables or whole foods versions of basics. But he LOVES and regularly requests zucchini flatbread. I love that I can feel smug about increasing my vegetable intake (I might be a bit obsessed with that), and that this recipe is versatile and super simple (just 3 ingredients). You can roll it out thin like a tortilla, or shape it by hand for a chunky naan-like texture. Don't have zucchini? No worries, this works with a variety of vegetables and starches. I've used cauliflower, sweet potato, pumpkin, and there are probably a few more that would work here. Some helpful notes:

- Don't squeeze too much water out of the zucchini. And be patient mixing it. It may seem really crumbly at first.

- With cauliflower, throw it back in the food processor or blender after you add the flour to make the dough smooth.

- With pumpkin and sweet potato I would stick with tortillas versus flatbread.

Dip them, top them, fill them. Get creative and enjoy!

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