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Move Over Kale, Cabbage Chips Are Where It’s At

Updated: May 19, 2020

Kale chips are such an easy, satisfying snack. More reliable and way simpler than making other veggie chips without a dehydrator. So I really never thought to branch out. But, a couple perks of quarantine: much more time for kitchen experiments, and way more internet searching and link sharing between friends. Enter the humble cabbage.

I adapted this recipe from Bon Appetit. Mainly because I didn’t have all of the ingredients they recommended and was too impatient to wait. Much to my delight, it works just as well with good old salt + pepper. I particularly loved the batch I made with five spice powder. Go nuts playing with your spice cabinet! I don't feel they need a dipping sauce, but that's another way to get creative. And the cabbage makes a slightly thicker, heartier chip than kale. The chips do take a significant amount of time to cook, though, so be sure to prep a bit in advance of when you want to snack.

To Make Them:

- Preheat oven roll 200 degrees

- Skipping the thinned outer layers, separate leaves from stems, and tear into roughly equal size pieces

- Coat with olive or avocado oil and spices of your choices

- Set on wire racks over baking trays or line trays with parchment paper - Bake for 2-2.5 hours

The pictures absolutely do not do them justice (especially if you go with purple cabbage). I hope you enjoy and would love to hear what flavor combinations you try and enjoy.

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